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Watch this video if you have questions about fracking (or journalism).  

Wonder if fracking might affect your health?

Learn more about fracking.

(thanks/via: SunTimes and N)

(thanks/via: SunTimes and N)

Wind and alternative energy from Azure Magazine

I just love this kind of stuff!  YIMBY, please.
Turbine News:
Hundreds of Miles of Wind Farms, Networked Under the Sea from Popular Science
Wind Lens

Aerogenerator X is an unusual design for an off-shore turbine

Two interesting bio-mass projects:

Copenhagen bio stack with a ski slope atop

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has announced that it’s been selected to design a new waste-to-power station that doubles as a ski slope leisure center on the outskirts of Copenhagen.  Photo gallery at this link.

I love Bjarke Ingels work and find it interesting that European communities design to be sited near bio-mass plants

Heatherwick has designed an English bio-mass plant in Teesside, England designed to turn into a part of the landscape

Why are many of these projects in Europe?  Are Europeans more determined to reduce carbon emissions and do something constructive about global warming? Well there is this eSolar/Southern California Edison project that gets me excited.

(thanks/via Azure Magazine)