Imogen Heap demomstrating her remarkable musical gloves developed with the “nerd underworld” as she describes MIT’s Media Lab.  (Sort of reminds one of Pixar’s One Man Band, right?)

Heap’s Mi.Mu project on Kickstarter (video here) was underfunded but we’re certain to see more of this remarkable technology.  Heap’s official video for the song Me the Machine featured this wearable tech.  Read more at Create Digital Music.  

Imogen has released a new album titled Sparks and was recently in session on BBC Radio6 Music.

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Official ‘Never Say Never’ music video from the upcoming Junto album from Basement Jaxx due 25th Aug.

Robotics put to important—humorous—use.

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“The Internet’s Own Boy” is a dynamic portrait of the late tech millionaire, Aaron Swartz, who renounced Silicon Valley startup culture to fight for social justice, no matter the cost.

Available now on Vimeo On Demand.

Interview on Q with Gian Ghomeshi

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Hmmm.  Take note!

Hmmm.  Take note!

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In Imogen Heap’s new video for her song Me the Machine she’s using Mi.Mu (Kickstarter project) gesture control gloves to translate her gestures into awesome graphics and set. Cool stuff. Plus it’s Imogen singing.  (More on this project from Dezeen here and at Heap’s website).

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Really cool artwork!!! Not new news to you, right?

Step Inside an Interactive M.C. Escher Drawing with Monument Valley

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This is a really amazing art piece.  Watch the video, then read the post on Colossal here.  To understand the project better watch this video.

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Forget the hot chocolate. Wanta walk? You know who you are.   

Log out, right now. - The Oatmeal

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Forget the hot chocolate. Wanta walk? You know who you are.   

Log out, right now. - The Oatmeal

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World Science U — Special Relativity Trailer (by World Science U)

Today the PRI and WNYC Radio program The Takeaway highlighted the soon to launch website World Science U. This is a pretty cool learning environment!!!

Transitor Hive (by Brian Lilla)

Transistor Hive, 2011, 2ft x 4ft x 12ft

The delicate activity of hive insects power a simple clock that marks the passage of time. Decay is present in the dusting of flour. The bureau dissolves and becomes unrecognizable as time and life spin forward.

Materials: salvaged bedroom dresser, motor, pulleys, transistor tubes and mechanical equipment.

Evan Holm’s work is sublime.  Check out his Crystal Turntables too.

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